Week 2: Thankfulness

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Discussion Points:

Gratitude and the act of expressing it has been proven to help people get through difficult times. Some ideas to choose from and try with your kids:
1. Find a bucket or big jar. Each day at a specific time ( supper is good) have each person in the family write something on a card they are grateful for. Keep adding to the bucket.
2. Make a chart with three columns: people, things, experiences. See how many you can add to your lists during this stressful time.
3. Brainstorm how to show gratitude for others
 and pick one thing each week to do as a family.
4. Look for movies that have a theme of gratitude.
Make a poster with this quote: “ It’s not that we are  STUCK Inside, but that we are SAFE INSIDE.”

Thankfulness page 2Thankfulness page 2