School Board Goals

The Board of Education of the Mapleton Public Schools, embracing the vision and mission of the Mapleton Public Schools, establishes the following goals:

  1. To ensure students (K-6) are “proficient” in reading and writing for their grade level.
    Action Plans:

    1. Establish criteria for reaching standards at “proficient” levels.
    2. Develop and align assessment tools for reading and writing with new Reading/Language Arts standards and curriculum to provide appropriate data for on-going assessment processes.
    3. Analyze student achievement data in reading and writing.
    4. Establish benchmark data for each grade level in reading and writing.
    5. Identify and support appropriate instructional strategies to increase student achievement in reading and writing.
    6. Identify appropriate interventions for students who are not meeting grade level standards in reading and/or writing.
  2. To increase the use of data in making policy, program and instructional decisions and for reporting on system accountability.
    Action Plans:

    1. Conduct a review of data needed for policy, program and instructional decision-making.
    2. Analyze student information management systems and select an effective system for use in the district.
    3. Train staff in data-driven decision-making.
  3. To secure adequate funding for the school district for FY09.
    Action Plans:

    1. Increase presence and influence at the state level for increased education funding.
    2. Identify issues influencing revenue factors.
    3. Improve marketing efforts to increase enrollment and address other revenue issues.
  4. Work in cooperation with community groups to increase pride in Mapleton Public Schools.
    Action Plans:

    1. Develop and implement comprehensive public relations and marketing plan for the School District.
    2. Increase media coverage of student, staff, school and district successes.
    3. Support and/or complement existing efforts to build mutually supportive and respectful relationships with community groups.